Hanging Valleys are the London based duo which include Thom Byles and Michael Phillips. They announced the release of a new album. Behind The Backs Of Houses is out on February 28th via Pedro Y El Lobo. Watch the official video for the track “Behind The Backs of The Houses“. it was directed by Andres Arochi (who has previously worked with Alt-J, FKJ, Ry X, among others) and was shot by Galo Olivares, who was co-cinematographer on the critically acclaimed film Roma (2018).

Arochi elaborates on the stunning short film that was produced in Mexico: “I was inspired by the aesthetics of Mexican Classics. The photographs of Graciela Iturbide and the Golden Age cinematography of Gabriel Figueroa. Don Benito and Doña Eva are not trained actors, which is what gives the scenes such a natural feeling, they are simply interacting with places they have known their whole life. We got there with a clear idea of the emotions we wanted to capture, but it was really the town and the Hacienda of Puruagua that told us the story.”