Five years after Space and two albums with acclaimed duo Cancer (with Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild of When Saints Go Machine), Danish singer-songwriter and musician Kristian Finne is back in 2019 with the project Chorus Grant and he released a new album titled Vernacular Music. Now he’s back with two new tracks. “Canem” and “Prequiem” are out now via Tambourhinoceros.

He explains: “Both these songs revolve thematically around my father’s lifelong struggle with multiple sclerosis. Visiting him now and seeing my son lovingly dance around him, showing him toys and drawings, plucks the strings of my heart in a way I could have never imagined. I see him in a new light. I see him with my son’s eyes. 

These two new songs encompass more thrust and momentum than my recent album and would not exist was it not for that record that was centered around my own ideas of fatherhood before becoming a father. I release this new music as a dash and a ‘dot,dot, dot’. I want to start focusing more on the light than the darkness in my artistic work and look forward to sharing this one day in a not too distant future.” 

Listen below.