Seazoo are a Welsh band which we introduced two year ago with their debut full-length. Their music take inspiration from band as Yo La Tengo, Courtney Barnett and Grandaddy. Now they announced the release of their sophomore album. Joy will be out on April 3rd via Big Terry. “The Pleasure” is the new excerpt and comes with the video directed by Tom Diffenthal, Lauren Paige Dowling and Ben Hall.

The track was recorded at Big Jelly Studios and produced by Ben Trow and Mike Collins (Girl Ray, Pip Blom). Discussing their forthcoming single, enigmatic frontman Ben Trow explained: “ ‘The Pleasure’ is about taking time to enjoy small moments that make you happy – I think it’s really important right now as the world goes completely bonkers! For me it’s my love for writing and recording music, something that I never take for granted; but the tune can be about anything really”.