Elliot Bergman is a Los Angeles-based musician and visual artist with a strong background in jazz. He has worked with band as Iron and Wine, Wild Belle, NOMO, His Name is Alive, Beck, and Tom Tom Club. He recently released a new solo album titled Peace Bells which is out now via Leaving Records.

According to the press release, the album is a glimpse into the multi-layered world of Bergman. The cassette, reissued by LEAVING Records, was recorded over a weekend at the Felix Art Fair in Los Angeles, in the booth of Shane Campbell Gallery. Over the course of several days, Bergman gave durational performances utilizing his collection of self-made instruments, which he looped and layered into the music you have on this tape. 

For the past 15 years, Bergman has been building amplified variations on the African Mbira, which he refers to as Metal Tongues. He has also been making Peace Bells, from melted guns and bullet casings. Using this rich collection of instruments as source material, he builds looping and layered soundscapes that evoke comparisons to Moondog, Reich, Bertoia,  Eno and Konono No. 1. These rhythmic and otherworldly textures range from minimal and meditative to driving and danceable.

Listen below.