Huma is the project of Barcelona based experimental producer Andrés Satué. According to the press release, he has been making music for more than ten years, from beginnings in punk and DIY orientated bands to his subsequent forays into electronic music with his previous project Esquelas. Last year he released the debut album Eva which is out now via Hedonic Reversal.

According to the press release, it is a journey from the birth of humanity (Adán) to the rebirth of the new human (Eva). With a positive but disturbing point of view it delves into the idea of technological singularity and the consequences of the exponential growth of human development. In order to do so, it explores in an extreme and profound way the relationships between concepts such as micro/macro, organic/inorganic, natural/artificial, man/machine.

He shared a new video for the track “Ubicuo“. It is a footage from a 3D Light + A/V Show Live at Mira Festival. Watch it below.