Mute Duo are an ambient duo which include Skyler Rowe (drums, percussion, piano, wurlitzer) and Sam Wagster (pedal steel, piano, farfisa). They announced the release of the second full-length. Lapse In Passage is out on March 20th via American Dreams Records. “Red-Winged Blackbirdsis a new excerpt and it comes with the video directed by Ryan Hart.

“In a dark tunnel underground, a nameless laborer tries to move an immovable burden.” That’s how director Ryan Hart describes the imagery in the video he made for Mute Duo’s twangy bruiser “Red-Winged Blackbirds.A meditation on grief, trauma, and perseverance, Hart’s video considers the Sisyphus myth, mutating the fatalist cynicism into something open-ended, if not overtly hopeful, backgrounded by sun-soaked, droning pedal steel and propulsive, sublime rhythms.

Watch it below.