Japanese pianist and composer Masaki Hayashi and Japanese cellist  and composer Seigen Tokuzawa announced the release of a collaborative album. Drift is out on April 3rd via FLAU Records. According to the press release, it is an album that casts the listener off into a sea of sound. Aptly “drifting” between styles and between themselves, the two artists behind this collaborative effort — cellist Seigen Tokuzawa and pianist Masaki Hayashi — have ensured that their sound is a soft clash of drama and dreaming, with no concern for fashion.

One thing the pair find particularly interesting is how cultures mix and mingle together, historically creating genres like tango and bossa nova; with their different backgrounds and different skills, their aim is to create such a mix themselves. They shared the first excerpt titled “Iambic 9 Poetry” which is a Squarepusher cover. Listen below.