Morioh Sonder are a Berlin-based band. Their music take inspiration from bands as Tame Impala, Friendly Fires and MGMT. According to the press release, Made up of members from across Europe, the original duo of Alexy and Flavy came together in Italy in 2017. After meeting drummer Elijah, the band moved to Los Angeles where they began to refine their sound in front of a live audience, eventually leading them to the cultural melting-pot of Berlin in early 2018.

Without a home in the German capital and forced to live a transient lifestyle, the band snuck backstage at a Parcels show where they  befriended acclaimed producer Martin ‘Lucky’ Waschkowitsch, with whom they produced their forthcoming debut EP. 

They shared a new track titled “Onda (Is This Psychedelia?) which shows their ability to build ethereal melodies with dynamic rhythms and psychedelic vibes. Listen below.