Erik Mowinckel is a Norwegian, Oslo-based producer, also known as member of experimental duo DACHS, along with Pernille Meidell (Perimeter O). He announced the release of a new EP. 0530 is out tomorrow via Sellout Music!. Five tracks which show his delicate touch with ethereal ambient textures, refined beats and fluid dissonances.

He explains: “0530 is an Ambient EP of five tracks made during autumn 2019. The EP continues a previous habit of making music that makes me calm. I see it as therapy, or at least a way of structuring thoughts and emotions. I had no preconceptions as to what the music should sound like, but felt the need to make music again after about a half year brake. I started doing some recordings of improvisations on an ms20 mini and a heavily processed kalimba. After a while I added percussion and could concentrate it down to some shorter compositions, I continued adding and removing elements until I felt I had what I needed.

I started listening to the tracks on my way to work and found that the music was especially suited this time of day. I get up around 05.30 and get on a tram or bus to go to work, the city at this point is almost completely without people. I started connecting this image of a city without people to the music I was making. To me there is something peaceful and melancholic about both the music and this aspect of the city.”

Listen below.