Jeremy Cunningham is a Chicago-based drummer, composer, and improviser. In 2016, Cunningham released his first album as a bandleader, re: dawn (from far). Now he announced the release of a new full-length. The Weather Up There is out on February 28th via Northern Spy.

It was co-produced by Jeff Parker (Tortoise) and Paul Bryan (Aimee Man), and written in response to the loss of Cunningham’s brother Andrew who was tragically killed with an assault rifle during a home invasion robbery. Cunningham explains the album in his own words: “I wrote The Weather Up There to confront the loss of my brother Andrew to gun violence, who died in a home invasion robbery some 10 years ago. My brother was a kind soul, and I used those warm memories of him to illustrate his life as a counterpoint to the pieces that confront his tragic end. Recorded accounts from my family and friends appear throughout the album to show just how far the ripple effect of gun violence extends through a community.”

Check two excerpts below.