SIRMA is a Turkish New York-based singer-songwriter which we introduced with the track “Put Your Faith In Me”. Now she’s back with a new tune titled “On” which is co-produced by producer and musician Mallow (aka Ian Barnett). It is part of the new double single On/24 Hours. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video directed by GRAMMY-nominated photographer Bảo Ngô.

She explains: “My vision for the video came after a photoshoot I did with Bao Ngo  Her current art is all about bold colors and I was very inspired by it even before we worked together for the first time. Then, I asked her if she would be down to shoot this music video that’s all about colorful lights and we came up with the concept together. It was her who recommended Xavier Portillo as the videographer. Bao directed it, Xavi shot it, I edited the video and did the effects as well, and the color grading was done by Bao after that.

This was the first time I ever tried editing a music video by myself, so it was a learning experience, and a very positive one at that- because it has given me a chance to picture what else I can achieve with the visual component of my project in the future. I’m getting deeper into stuff like editing photos and videos on the side now, and my goal is to eventually design my own cover art and be able to fully make my own music videos, too. I produce, mix and master my songs, so having a solid relationship with technology already helps me learn faster: and the more creative control I have, the better I feel.”

Check also the track via soundcloud.