Niklas Paschburg is a young Hamburg based composer and musician. Two years ago he released his first full-length Oceanic. After 2019’s “Blooming (In C Minor)” and “IF”, he announced the release of a new album. Svalbard is out on February 28th via 7K!. It was recorded, produced and mixed by Andy Barlow (Lamb). “Little Orc” is the firste excerpt.

He explains: “Little Orc is a gem driven by contrasting feelings: nostalgic solemness runs through it and becomes a struggle which is articulated through Niklas own breathing which is suspended between tension and escape – underlying the environmental anxiety. Referring to “Orc.” In Svalbard there’s a bird called Auk, which I dedicated a song to, but when Andy asked about the title, I made a spelling mistake when writing it down. But I liked it and decided to keep it that way”

Watch the official video below.