All Lanes Of Lilac Evening is the collaboration between Tehran-based musician and sound artist Siavash Amini and drone-ambient music project, Toulouse-based Saåad. The album is out on January 31st via Opal Tapes. According to the press release, it is a lambent collection of field recordings, strings, guitar and synthesiser. Two excerpts are available via Bandcamp. Listen below.

Amini’s presence is perhaps best felt in the soaring, widescreen orchestration where the real and unreal is embdedded together with no seam to recognize. Saåad proffer oblique chiming notes and guitar so smeared across the horizon it’s impossible not to see the curve. Together the two styles cement gracefully in calm union. ‘Dragging the Harrow’ pulses a Messiaenic organ line into a blossoming filter revealing increasingly plasticine detail while choristic blooms and groaning room smother. ‘Calm In Resignation’ is bio-spheric in detail, a globe of moving specks and hovering colour, delaying and decaying away into the void. Closer ‘Ever-Newer Waters Flow…’ elegantly places narrow widths of effected guitar into the spaces around the minor-slosh of a beach front / laundry room, drained of any other detail other than the presence of water.