Joram van Duijn is a Dutch composer, known also for his project Elevate. One year after his debut single “Close Your Eyes” and the collaborative EP with Nadav Cohen, he’s back with a new track. “Motif No. 1” is out tomorrow via New York based label Rhodium and it shows his delicate touch, the minimal lines and the melancholic vibes of the sound.

According to the press release, “Motif No. 1” is a meandering and introspective solo piano piece with just a hint of decorative sound design. Performed on a felted upright Yamaha, the piece is muted and textured, creating an intimate experience for the listener everything from the opening creaks of the piano bench to the sound of the hammers has been beautifully harnessed, resulting in a very personal and cherished sound. The preparation lends a thoroughly modern-classical approach to the work, and the fleeting whispers of the sound design nudge a nostalgic and old-soul piano work into the 21st century. The pairing of the older classical waltz style with these new approaches grants the piece something of a subtle progressive edge.

He explains:“Imagine yourself in a room at dawn, the light slowly enters the room until it is completely filled. You feel safe and glad to be alive, happy to experience it. That is Motif No. 1 for me. The piece does not only represent the morning joy but also the will to keep going.

Listen below.