We introduced different times Paris-based singer-songwriter ALA.NI (aka Alani Charal). Three years after her first full-lenght, she announced the release of her sophomore album. Acca is out on January 24th. It features Iggy Pop and Lakeith Stanfield. We already shared “Sha La La” and “Differently“; “PAPA” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video below.

This song started out as a poem, written for a girlfriend with recurring dramas with men,” ALA.NI explains of “Papa.” “A year after writing the poem and whilst in Mexico together, I read it to her. ‘Papa didn’t love me, any man take me.’ She quickly exclaimed ‘that is a song lyric!,’ so we proceeded to jam around this idea. I took it back to Paris and started to work on the production and soon realised, maybe these words are applicable to me also. Daddy issues… Oh the healing powers of music. No instruments used on this track, only vocals and a beatboxer. Studio walls were banged, chests, faces tapped and slapped and also a Cuban butt, all to create the percussion.