Christophe Clébard is a Belgian, Brussels based musician. According to the press release, he is the enfant terrible of synth punk scene, plays a crappy synth and a drum-machine to painfully celebrate love, loss and pain. Live, he hooks the audience with a naked performance that reminds of a panic attack you will never forget.

One year after Honte, he announced the release of a new work. SSS is out on February 4th and it will be released with different artworks/formats via Commando Vanessa, Maison de Retraite, Bloc Note and Swallowing Helmets. It revolves around a sense of restless personal frustration. The displacement and the romance that have been characterizing all Christophe albums don’t disappear but move a little to the background leaving space to the lyrics that become more luminous and hypnotic as ever. The failed love is still on the horizon but here is more about the realization of powerlessness, of loss.

He explains about the album: “A failed love, a self-declared loser. Pop to purge the pain that relentlessly scourge my soul, noise-like to try to forget that in the end SSS revolves around a sense of restless personal frustration. An implied ineptitude. How can I shake this helplessness feeling I have towards you?

“Ferme tes yeux, tu parles trop”. Please stop them. Shut up. Stop them You are thirsty for my tears so I will give you what you want nourishment. Feed on me, live on me. Let me live. Forever loser. Speed Sodomie Sida.”

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the track “Soif” which shows the alienating sound which “explodes” in the final part. Listen below.