Martina Bertoni is an Italian Berlin-based sound artist and musician which makes music by manipulating cello sounds. Back in June, she released a new EP titled The Green. Now she released her first full-length. All Ghosts Are Gone is out now via FALK.

According to the press release, It’s a journal of a process of recovery, that was formulated during a time of physical and mental exhaustion. The compositions are recollections of emotional landscapes, born from a moment of fracture and conflict. She describes the process: “This record has been born during a time in which I had no strength.

Neither physical nor psychological. Waking up everyday and composing was a way for me to regain my identity and finding back my balance. I started to explore what was unknown to me, as I wanted my cello to sound completely alien. I had to find my own ways to get the sounds I liked: grainy, opaque, dusty…I did not want melodies nor did I want harmonies. I wanted to dig deep into the sonic textures that my cello could give me.