KØDE are a Swiss, slowcore/powernoise band which include Saskia Fuertes (guitars, vocals, synth), Adam St-Roch (guitars, vocals, synth), Danaé Perez (bass, vocals) and Sylvain Schaffner (drums). Last year they released the first full-length titled Discrete Transformation which is out now via via Division Records. It was produced by Julien Fehlmann.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the track “Stars” which shows the delicacy of female vocals and the rough lines which flow into dynamic melodies. It was created by Alma Steireif. They explain about the track: “What if your spirit was so attracted by the stars that it left your body for a while? Then, who would you be at this very moment ? What would matter ? This song poetically attempts to wipe the lines between “you” and “me”, as this line doesn’t seem as real as the stars.

Watch it below.

Check the full album below.