Two years after Shadow on Everything, Brooklyn based band Bambara (Reid Bateh, Blaze Bateh, William Brookshire) announced the release of a new album. Stray is out on February 14th via Wharf Cat Records. It is a collection of short stories about a group of loosely-related characters living in a fictionalized Georgia community. “Heat Lightning” is a new excerpt.

Stray has many reoccurring characters but the most prominent, by far, is Death.” says Bateh. “For the most part Death is doing his work in the background, or even between, other people’s stories but there are a few songs where I wanted to give him the spotlight. ‘Heat Lighting’ is the first of these songs on record. It’s an introduction to Death in his element, barreling down the highway listening to news of destruction on the radio while stuffing his face with candy. It’s a solitary moment with Death where he can be seen as he is: the kind of guy who laughs whole–heartedly at stupid jokes and yells at the weatherman when he predicts rain. Death isn’t in the mood for rain unless it is the beginning of a mythical flood.”

Watch the official video below.