Two years after Natural Sci-Fi, Australian artist Steve Spacek (who has worked with the likes of J Dilla, Raphael Saadiq, Common, Q Tip, and Mark Pritchard as Africa HiTech) announced the release of a new album. Houses will be out on February 7th via Black Focus. “Rawl Aredo” is the first excerpt.

 The entire project was produced using iPhone and iPad apps, an approach Steve champions and feels liberated by using technology to join the past with the present. Spacek explains in his own words,
It’s been well overdue for me to be releasing some 4/4 House vibes! This music has been a big part of my musical journey from dot. Mainly from two angles. The first is, of course, the early rave scene in London and the UK in general, with all it’s early iterations. Techno from the D, acid, (happy) hardcore, what we use to call dub house (pre jungle), coming into Garage and Balearic to name a few. The other angle is the music production angle: I’ve always used the basic 4/4 template as a means of being able to learn a new piece of recording equipment. Whenever I get any new beat making hardware or software, I’d always make a house beat. I find it the easiest music to make and have always joked about how I can knock up a house beat in 10 minutes! Well now I have an LP’s worth to share! Taken a tad longer than 10min but hey 😉 Enjoy