Asa Tone is the project which involves Jakarta-born Melati Malay and New York-based Tristan Arp and Kaazi. According to the press release, In January 2018 the trio travelled to Indonesia during Melati’s annual return home, set up a temporary studio in a house nestled in the jungle’s canopy, and recorded a series of improvisational pieces together, later edited for brevity.

The music incorporates both digital and analogue processing and largely draws upon the groups collective voice, a small selection of instrumentation (Rindik, Moog Sub 37, Infinite Jets, Suling) and their immediate environment.

They announced the release of the new album Temporary Music which will be out on January 31st via Leaving Records. We already shared “Visit From Tokay”; “Perpetual Motion Via Jungle Transport” is a new excerpt. Listen below.