Surely one of the labels to follow in 2019 and probably for this 2020, we have to tell on Room40 from Red Hill, Queensland, Australia. Their twitter claims “vibrating bodies with sound, philosopher of listener”, absolutely true and matching our experience once we got the new production by Todd Andreson-Kunert.

We’ve seen his live performance in 2018 in Italy, then we came across the video made for the track “I See What You Mean” and finally listened to this new album for weeks. After a slow and phased path started in 2006, he sat facing a Moog System 55 Synthesizer (one of only a few existing in the world) at Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio, which is run by Room40 comrade Robin Fox and artist Byron Scullin, and set about creating a delicate but richly timbral album of reductive electronics.

As Todd himself declared: “…there is a gap in some form of knowledge I’ve learned to appreciate, a contemplation of details and how they relate, but where many are still unknown. When trying to translate this feeling into linear form, the word Conjecture feels appropriate, mainly due to a complimentary duality of meaning.