Picture by Toni Demuro


I didn’t know how to start this. Today it’s our 10th Birthday, 10 long years from our first post on the ugly Splinder blog. I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on this beautiful decade and share my gratitude with you. So I thought, inspired by Keaton Henson song, to do it as my last will. What I would like to say if I’m to die?

If I’m to die before I reach you/Please know I’m meant to love you till I did/If I’m to slip beneath a train meant to take me/Know that I believe that it was worth it

Sonofmaketing wasn’t born to last. It wasn’t a project, I didn’t have any idea how to write an article, I didn’t know how the music world worked, I didn’t know anything. But I had an urgency. I wanted to give space to great music that didn’t have one. A safe place for musicians and artists who try to do something different.

I was always the guy with weird tastes in music and I was sure I wasn’t the only one. So I decided to start a blog and day by day, a lot of people began to follow us and crazy people like me asked me to join the team. And then I had the chance to know a lot of beautiful human beings: Filippo Infante, Giacomo Cortese, Andrea Meli, Mario Esposito, Alessandro Miglietta, Luigi Zampi, Daniele Festoso, Vincenzo Membola, Yasmine Van Houten, Marco Pettenati, Fernando Rennis, Alessandro Coletta, Matteo Moca, Annalisa Nuzzo, Eva Anita Haghighi, Marzia Picciano, Carmine Vitale, Simone Pase, Emanuele Bonomi, Giovanni De Scisciolo, Emiliano Cocco (and many more I forgot) who represented and (some of them) still represent the core of our staff. We create something great.

Our path wasn’t easy because Sonofmarketing is an amateur project. We grew up and life happened. And there were times where we want to end the project because to find and to listen to new music isn’t an easy job; It needs time, patience and an open-mind; but what music gives you in return cannot be compared to anything. It isn’t just music as many people say. Music gives joy, connects people, and can be able to let you understand what you feel in a given time.

There’s a wonderful music video which can explain what I want to say. Elisabeth Moss stars in Max Richter’s “On The Nature of Daylight” and the images can tell a story about how a human being works. She tries to hold herself together, she’s trying to not think about her emotions and when she arrives at the stairs, she broke her rhythms and she had a breakdown.

We had our breakdown in 2015 and we decided to change things. We changed the language, we decided to work in a different way with a greater focus on new music, experimental projects and the connection with other forms of art. And we won. We won the challenge without losing our identity. And now we have new challenges with a focus on festivals and live shows.

We thought to focus on music we like because there are a lot of beautiful gems to share. No time for negative writing. The most beautiful thing of this experience has been the chance to share it with wonderful people, guided by the love for music and visual arts; but also the occasion to keep in touch with worlds which we could never have imagined.


So much has changed over the last 10 years. I’ve been blessed to have known amazing musicians, record labels owners, live promoters, journalists, directors, visual artists, our dear listeners, and music amateurs. And for this reason, I want to thank you all the people which had trust in this project, who were fundamental for our growth: Vincenzo Membola, Fabio Gesmundo, Peppe Trotta, Christian Di Martino, Vasco Viviani, Francesco Amoroso, Giovanna Taverni, Alex Ruder, Ian Hawgood, Esmeralda Vascellari, Elena Raugei, Mirco Salvadori. I am sure I forgot someone.

Thank you to all the artists who choose our home to present their music for the first time. It’s always touching. Quoting Julian Schoen (Artist, Event & Project Management): “Nonetheless, there are those that still believe in the magic of music. Those that still live for discovery, surprises, support, and curiosity. Those that like WEIRD music. Those that still dig and read the liner notes, rather than just pressing the follow button on a playlist. Those that chose to post their ticket stubs and vinyl purchases from the past year on social media, rather than their Spotify stats.

To all of you, all my real music heads, I express my deepest thanks and gratitude. I know your struggle is real. I know the landscape is changing, and I know it’s not beneficial to you. But I want to thank you for sticking with it, sticking with me, and persevering for the good of the spirit of music. I see you, I appreciate you, and I will always do my best to uplift you, your work, and ensure weird and underground music has a place at the table.”

These words moved me a lot when I read them. So I thought which they were perfect to express my gratitude and love for what we do. There is a scene in the last episode of the cult Tv Show “Six Feet Under” which I remember in a particular way. Claire is leaving her home to move to another city. She says to her mother: “And Thank You For Giving Me Life“; and her mother answers with these words “You Gave Me Life“.

It’s true. I created Sonofmarketing – Unknown Music Pleasure. We gave it life over the years, but the real truth is which Sonofmarketing, all people around it, what it has become gave me life. Now It all makes sense.

There’s something invisible which cannot be said. But I hope which all these words, maybe ordinary words, made you realize how much we care. “I imagined a clear bell echoing in the hills/Behind curtains of rain” sings Mount Eerie. When there was rain and fog, we imagined to go through it and we built our vision to spread the music we like and I hope we can do it for as long as possible.

So If I’m to die, I hope there will be someone who imagines again a clear bell echoing when rain and fog will come again. There are and there will be always important stories to share. Thanks again and see you around.