Picture by Severine Bailleux

Karine Germaix is a French singer-songwriter and accordionist. She announced the release of a new EP titled Incandescence which will be out on February 14th as self-release. It features Flavio Maciel de Souza on bass and Didier Fontaine on drums. The EP comes with 5 beautiful limited edition silk screen cards signed and numbered by artist Mickomix. Each of these cards illustrates the songs in the manner of a tarot game.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the track “Je brûle“. It was directed by herself and Mickomix which says: “Burning is thrilling with thousands of inner fires, thousands of infinite that are revealed in the exhilaration of love. Burning is losing ground, being beyond your own body, being suspended in a moment of constant eternity. Burning is travelling all over and losing oneself unconditionally in our inner landscapes.

Ink landscapes that intertwine, merge and unravel under the delicate brush of the visual artist Mickomix, constantly diluting the borders between the interior and exterior of the bodies. And burning is also producing ash and light. The inks are that light and the clay is the ash, the golden ash, spraying in our loving bodies. The clip is this dreamlike interior crossing where emotional landscapes unfold at the enchanting rhythm of love’s passions.

Karine Germaix explains:  “Je brûle » (I am burning) symbolises the fire of love. The character is crossed by a multitude of emotions and this flow of energy overwhelms her. She feels connected to a primordial element that goes beyond her own understanding.
The breathless rhythm crackles like a bunch of flames, the bass plays an incantatory ostinato and the accordion slides over the changing colors of the flame. « Je brûle » is a fire, an infernal ride that can only stop once we abandon ourselves to it …

Watch it below.