Qariaq is the project of the Bristol-based, self-taught musician and singer-songwriter Esther CG. According to the press release, Baritone guitar, kalimba, vocals and a host of guitar pedals are emulsified, creating transcending wild soundscapes layered with dissonance and avant-garde pop sounds.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere two live sessions of the tracks “Bygone” and “Made by Walking“. The first one shows her solemn vocals and her ability to build rough and ethereal melodies. She says: “It is a reflection on melancholy, nostalgia, loss, and evolution. I imagined the guitar line unsteadily balancing on a thin line dividing past and present, eventually coming to rest within the instability“. The second one has an ambient-driven sound which reveals her experimental side.

She explains: “The session was filmed in the depths of Wales, in an off-grid oak-framed barn. We got our power from a generator and heat from a wood-burning stove, and our only neighbor was a horse which meant we were able to shoot pretty late into the night. I had a pretty bad cold at the time, so the saucepan on the stove that’s occasionally in the shot was full of lemon, ginger and honey tonic which I was gulping between takes.