Midori Hirano is a Berlin-based Japanese (from Kyoto) musician, composer, sound artist and producer. Her sounds is for sure focused on piano textures but it is also very flexible and eclectic with the add of electronic lines and field recordings, and above all the exploration of new forms of expression. We introduced her with 2016’s album Minor Planet.

She announced the release of a new album. Invisible Island is out on February 7th via Sonic Pieces. According to the press release, Invisible Island is a fitting title for an album that seems to exist in a place quietly removed from the problems of the world. It’s playful and imaginative, living in a soundscape filled with exotic fruits that fall from invisible trees. The record feels like a continuance from her album Minor Planet (2016) that shines through as an ethereal fog. “Remembrance” is the first excerpt. Listen below.