At first sight, listening to this album may seem as if all the modular synthesizers have been forgotten in a corner of the studio, spinning in a loop. This is the hypnotic foundation and uplifting side of Erratics & Unconformities. In order to pierce the subtlety of the details, you’ll have to dive deeper and trust this record to take you beyond the reality that still surrounds you. Gradually revealing themselves, modular variations will then blossom within your ears, and a wealth of details and textures that, until now, seemed monotonous will unlock doors for further perspectives. The tempo evolves and accumulations of Pads are slowly growing without you realizing it, sometimes dissonant, just like on Vacca Wall. And in the end, before you know it, you’ll have come a long way, leaves you questioning how you arrived where you did. How did we get here? You will only reach this gate by revisiting the album many times. When was the last time you listened without distraction? Do you remember how it feels to lose yourself completely? Each tiny variation becomes seismic.

Since “their” ep debut, Netherfield Works in 2017, the Craven Faults project has kept the anonima. “They” reveal just a few dates and memories felt all over the world, from Köln to Düsseldorf, or Manhattan and San Francisco, other cities such as Stockholm or The Scottish Borders have been mentioned. The dates tell us that “they” are mature musicians, using banks of vintage equipment, a master craftsman at work in a nest of patch cables. even if the cross-referencing of the dates evoked reminds me of references from the 70s, at a time when the exploration of synthesizers was emerging in Germany, the sound is not old, it is authentic. This record is standing, formed  from a skeleton that belongs to the past, but which is growing in a new skin, the relationship between man and his instrument. A raw sound, 100% analogue.
It’s a sonic journey with an emphasis on subtly disguised minimalism..An album that will certainly mark the year 2020 by Sonofmarkting Unknown Music pleasure.

As the press reports,

Erratics & Unconformities is the first album by Craven Faults.

It follows three EPs: Netherfield Works, Springhead Works and Nunroyd Works. Real-time journeys across decades and continents, and swathes of post-industrial northern Britain.

There was no clear start point for the project, rather simply rediscovering the joy in experimentation with no material goals. Some of the recordings that make up Erratics & Unconformities go back almost seven years. Tracks have come and gone in that time. They don’t leave until they’ve undertaken a stringent quality control process. It started slowly, but has picked up momentum in the last eighteen months. Recorded and re-recorded to the correct level of imperfection, and then left to breathe. Mixed and re-mixed. Carefully compiled when the time was right.