Cathode Ray Tube is the project of Portland-based producer Charles R. Terhune. One year after High Cube Drifter, he announced the release of a new album. Dark Roads for the Young Magus is out on January 20th. He explains: “To me, DARK ROADS FOR THE YOUNG MAGUS is an album of nine sonic rituals, like unspoken incantations. It is a glimpse at one person’s personal journey through a wounded landscape both internal and external. Each song is shows one aspect of a being finding themselves at a crossroads where they must choose one of two paths: the known world of comfort, safety, predictability but no growth or the unknown road leading into metaphoric darkness wherein lies danger and instability but also untold knowledge, power and strength.

The original magus or magi were Zoroastrian priests but in the context of DARK ROADS, the “young magus” is one who embarks on this journey into unknown terrain wherein there lies hidden knowledge and truths as well as pitfalls. The “young” magus is not necessarily a youthful person but one who hasn’t yet received such knowledge acquired from a journey like this. Each song is in itself an exorcism and an alchemical transformation. Each play of DARK ROADS FOR THE YOUNG MAGUS brings the listener one step closer to this knowledge and one step further from the realm of the safe and the known.”