RAIC (aka the Richmond Avant Improv Collective) are an 8 piece ensemble which include Samuel Goff (Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Keyboards, Electronics), Abdul Hakim-Bilal (Guitar), Erik Schroeder (Alto Saxophone, Percussion, Keyboards, Sampler, Theremin, Electronics, Flute, Woodwinds), Zoe Olivia Kinney (Cello, Vocals), Laura Marina (Vocals, Keyboards, Electronics), Jimmy Ghaphery (Sopranino Saxophone, Flute, Alto Saxophone), John Priestley (Bass) and Cary Ralston (Vibes, Percussion).

Häxan (Cinema Paradiso Vol. I) is the first volume in a series of live, improvisational & spontaneous scores to silent and obscure movies. It was recorded spontaneously along with the movie (with no overdubs on the first take) on March 3, 2018. It is out now via Thirsty Leaves Music. Listen below.