Olivia Belli is an Italian pianist and composer. One year after Where The Night Comes, she announced the release of a new album. River Path is out on February 28th via 1631 Recordings. Pre-order is available here. According to the press release, River Path is a 12 original piano songs album which was created, composed and performed on a riverside in a warm Italian day. All inspired by the endless and changing force of the river.

She explains:It was born in a precise place: the river that runs down the valley next to my home. Back from my excursions, I used to write down what I had perceived in a notebook of intimate music sketches. Little by little, those usual and necessary walks turned into a personal reflection on the magical and symbolic force of the river. A force that has always inspired all kinds of artists: eternal becoming, the existential journey, the path of one’s life…

Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new video for the track “Beside The Spring” which show the delicacy and the powerful and deep intimacy of her music. The video was shot in Capotenna, Monti Sibillini (1150 mt.- Source of Fiume Tenna). She adds: “I’m always looking for reuniting with my own source: it is purity, life force, the mystery of birth, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.”

Watch it below.