Amor Muere are a Mexico City based quartet which include Camille Mandoki (Vocals, beats, synths), Concepción Huerta (Tapes), Gibrana Cervantes (Violin), and Mabe Fratti (Cello, vocals). They announced the release of the debut album. A Time to Love and A Time to Die is out in 2020 via Umor Rex.

While all the members have multiple solo projects and bands, Amor Muere works as an effective meeting point for their individual explorations of violin, cello, synths and tape manipulation. Creating a sense of community with a growing audience through their live sessions —sets mostly based on sound and vocal improvisations— Amor Muere often segues into epic allegories filled with sweet melodies and startling lullabies, infused with a lofty post-rock vein.

Can We Provoke Reciprocal Reaction” is the first excerpt. Listen below.