Alejandro Morse is the ambient/drone project of Mexican sound artist and musician Edgar Medina. His musical approach ranges from drone to minimal noise assembled with minimalistic motifs. A few months Auditory Visitations, he’s back with a new album. 444 is out now via Umor Rex.

According to the press release, his sound world is obsessively detailed and stretches between nervousness and melancholy. Alejandro Morse’s 444 offers a collection of electroacoustic compositions materialized with digital production protocols, evoking a vernacular, Mexican ambiance. Its tracks are based in the manipulation of actual string instruments using DSP tools; its sound palette features harp, bass and acoustic guitar recorded in naturally echoing and reverberating spaces, and then subjected to various sound processing techniques, microphone feedback, radio frequencies, static/noise, synthetic sounds and tape loops taken from random field recordings.

Listen below.