Francesco Leali is a Milan-based Italian sound artist and musician, known also for his collaborations with Fink, Puce Mary and many others. Undergoddess is the debut full-lenght which is out now via Until Riots. It features frequent collaborator cellist Alessandro Branca. Full streaming is available via Bandcamp. Listen below.

With a steady desire in mind to approach sound with a more susceptible motive, this study started in 2017 aiming to create an air-tight bond between exasperation, limitation and liberation – restricting resources to a bare minimum and with a focus on razor-sharp processing of cello recordings composed by Leali and Branca between 2017 and 2019. ‘Undergoddess’ is timid, yet intimidating, reaching turfs that trial versatility in a meditated exercise of imperfection and bliss, favouring intimate tangibility on what translates into a highly personal record.