2019 is over. It’s time to move forward. This is our list of 20 new upcoming albums that will be released in 2020.

Woodkid. Six years after the stunning debut full-lenght The Golden Age and 2015’s soundtrack of the movie Desierto, French singer-songwriter and musician Woodkid aka Yoann Lemoine announced a new album which will be this year. No information about the title and the release date. Watch the official trailer below.

Kate Gately. Kate Gately is an American Los Angeles-based experimental musician and producer. Three years after debut full-length Color, she announced the release of a new album. Loom is out on February 14th, 2020 via Houndstooth. According to the press release, It reveals more crepuscular textures, compared to the previois album. Her voice is more forward in the mix and densely layered in choral laments above a coarse foundation of hard and brittle sound design.

It is dedicated to her mother, who passed away in 2018. At the time of her mother’s diagnosis, Katie was near completion of an entirely different album, but quickly realized she didn’t have the bandwidth to finish that record. She returned from LA to her family home in Brooklyn and started again, completely rebuilding the album around the track ‘Bracer’, which was her mother’s favorite. She made it while she couldn’t sleep, and the result is a record she says is powered more by heart than mind, with sucker-punch richness and keening vocals that are more unflinching than on previous recordings. “Bracer” is the first excerpt.

The Saxophones. The Saxophones is an Oakland-based project that began as the solo project of saxophonist and composer, Alexi Erenkov. Now, accompanied by his wife, Alison, on percussion and samplers, they perform as a duo. One year after debut album Songs Of The Saxophones and 2019’s Singing Desperately Suite EP, they announced the release of a new album. Eternity Bay is out on February 14th, 2020 via Full Time Hobby.  It was recorded by Cameron Spies (Radiator Hospital) in Portland and mixed by Noah Georgeson (Joanna Newsom, Devendra Banhart) in LA. “New Taboo” is the first excerpt.

Rebecca Foon. Two years after A Common Truth with the moniker Saltland, Canadian musician and songwriter Rebecca Foon announced the release of her first album with her own name. It will be out in 2020 via Constellation Records. She explains the new path: “Over the last year I have been sitting at the piano writing songs and accessing a part of myself I have never known…composing on an unfamiliar instrument and plunging deeper into singing.

As I observe our beautiful world and the overwhelmingly heartbreaking state we collectively find ourselves in, while also going through my own personal roller coaster of life these past couple of years, the precious moments I’ve been so privileged to carve out for music have been more meaningful than ever. I just finished a new album, there’s still cello on it too, but these new songs feel like a new chapter. So I’m setting Saltland aside for now, and I’ll be releasing this new record under my own name. More news about that coming soon.” Ocean Song” is the first excerpt which features Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry (Double bass) and Mishka Stein (electric bass).

LEYA. LEYA are the New York-based duo that involves violinist Marilu Donovan (Eartheater, Aerial East, Julie Byrne) and Adam Markiewicz (PC Worship, The Dreebs). One year after the first full-length, they announced a new album. Flood Dream is out on March 6th, 2020 via NNA Tapes. “Weight” is the first excerpt that features GABI.

Military Genius. Military Geniusis the new solo project of Bryce Cloghesy of influential acts Crack Cloud, NOV3L and Blanka. According to the press release, he blends rigid composition and free-form noise, producing abstract meditative representations of real-life experience. Deep Web is the debut album which will me out on March 6th via Unheard of Hope. “When I Close My Eyes” is a new excerpt.

Onipa. Onipa is a London based collective. Born out of deep collaboration between long-time friends KOG (Kweku of Ghana of KOG and the Zongo Brigade) and Tom Excell (MD, guitarist and writer of acclaimed jazz/ soul afrobeat pioneers Nubiyan Twist), the 4 piece live show features KOG on vocals, balafon and percussion, Tom Excell on guitar, percussion and electronics, Dwayne Kilvington (Wonky Logic) on synths and MPC and Finn Booth (Nubiyan Twist) on drums. According to the press release, ONIPA means ‘human’ in Akan, the ancient language of the Ashanti people of Ghana. It’s a message of connection through collaboration: from Ghana to London, our ancestors to our children, Onipa brings energy, groove, electronics, afro-futurism, dance and fire!

They announced the release of their debut album, coming on Strut label in Spring 2020.

Alice Boman. We introduced different times Alice Boman, a Swedish singer-songwriter from Malmo. She announced the signing with Play It Again Sam and the release of her first full-length. Dream On is out on January 17th. “Don’t Forget About Me” is a new excerpt. The live video was filmed by Henric Claesson.

Sunda Arc. Sundra Arc is the project which involves brothers Nick Smart and Jordan Smart. Best known as key members of Mammal Hands, their new project takes inspiration from the likes of Jon Hopkins, Rival Consoles, Moderat and Nils Frahm as well as their own music world. They announced the release of the debut album. Tides is out on February 7th via Gondwana Records. According to the press release, Named for a volcanic arc in the Indian Ocean, created by the process of massive tectonic plates colliding, Sunda Arc strives to mingle electronic and acoustic sounds until they become almost indistinguishable from each other. It’s a process where they draw the acoustic properties and quirks out of electronic sounds and find the electronic potential in acoustic sounds.

KIDSØ. KIDSØ is a Munich-based live electronic duo which include Moritz Grassinger and Martin Schneider. Their music is inspired by acts like Kiasmos, Christian Löffler, Oliver Koletzki, HVOB, Parra for Cuva. According to the press release, KIDSØ’s sound is focused primarily around percussion, felt pianos, strings such as cello and viola, analogue synths, and electronic drums. Their home studio is overflowing with bongo’s, drums and found objects to draw new sounds from. One year after their debut EP Apart, they announced the release of their first full-length Childhood which will be out this year. You can pre-order it here. “Father” is a new excerpt.

Martina Bertoni. Martina Bertoni is an Italian Berlin-based sound artist and musician which makes music by manipulating cello sounds. Back in June, she released a new EP titled The Green. Now she announced the release of her first full-length. All Ghosts Are Gone will be out on January 8th via FALK. According to the press release, It’s a journal of a process of recovery, that was formulated during a time of physical and mental exhaustion. The compositions are recollections of emotional landscapes, born from a moment of fracture and conflict. She describes the process: “This record has been born during a time in which I had no strength.

Neither physical nor psychological. Waking up everyday and composing was a way for me to regain my identity and finding back my balance. I started to explore what was unknown to me, as I wanted my cello to sound completely alien. I had to find my own ways to get the sounds I liked: grainy, opaque, dusty…I did not want melodies nor did I want harmonies. I wanted to dig deep into the sonic textures that my cello could give me.” “Transparent:closeness” is the first excerpt.

Moses Boyd. British drummer, producer and composer Moses Boyd has worked and collaborated with the likes of Lonnie Liston Smith, Ed Motta, Little Simz, Four Tet, Floating Points, Sampha, Zara McFarlane, Gilles Peterson, and many more. Now he announced the release of the first full-length. Dark Matter is out on February 14th, 2020 via his own label Exodus and features Obongjayar, Klein, Nubya Garcia, Poppy Ajudha, mentor Gary Crosby OBE, and more. “Only You” is the first excerpt.

BisonBison. BisonBison is a Toronto-based organic electronic quintet which include producers Dani Ramez and Chad Skinner, drummer Brad Weber, harpist Sinéad Bermingham, and vocalist Sophia Alexandra. Hover is the debut album which is out on February 7th via Zozaya Records. “Expanding” is a new excerpt.

Racine. Racine is the project of Montreal based producer Julien Racine. He announced the release of a new album, titled Quelque Chose Tombe, which is out on February 21st via Aisha Devi’s Danse Noire. According to the press release, it is a set of compositions that confronts demons both inner and outer head-on. Created during a period of necessary unemployment somewhere in Montreal – caring for one’s health can take precedence over work – the music is both a grotesque dance of the goblins and the gentle opiatic breath of the protectors. It’s a harrowing reflection of the prevalent vampiric hypochondria forcing a generation into fatigue.

Gigi Masin. Three years after Venezia 2016 and Plays Hazkarà, Italian sound artist Gigi Masin announced the release of a new full-length. Calypso is out on February 28th, 2020 via Apollo Records and it is inspired by the mythical Greek island of Ogygia and its alleged real life counterpart Gavdos – also known unofficially as Calypso – a place of extreme beauty, which upon visiting had a profound effect on the musician.

ROCH. We introduced different times London-based musician and songwriter ROCH aka Kate Miller. Now she announced her debut album titled Via Media which is out on March 6th. She shared the title-track which shows her evocative vocals and the “dark” electronic lines. “I was interested in the idea of -via media-, ‘the middle road’ (a Greek philosophical mantra advocating moderation) as being something to strive for instead of oppose,” Miller said on the track.

Moses Sumney. Two years after stunning debut full-length Aromanticism and 2018’s Black In Deep Red, 2014, American songwriter Moses Sumney announced the release of a new double album. græ is out on May 15th via Jagjaguwar. Pre-order is available here. “Polly” is a new excerpt. Listen below.

Kazuya Nagaya. Kazuya Nagaya is a Japanese experimental music artist and musician. One year after Microscope of Heraclitus, he announced the release of a new album. Dream Interpretation is out on January 17th via Washington based label Sci + Tec. His music is rooted in Buddhist (Zenzhu) philosophy and sensibilities unique to Japan.

Concurrently, his work and interests are also contemporary and traverse a broad spectrum of cultures. This has led him to work with a wide range of collaborators that include Tibetan Buddhist Monks, Hawaiian Kahuna, artists such as Plastikman and Iris Van Herpen, and also to perform regularly in acclaimed festivals such as MUTEK.JP, MUTEK.MX and Today`s Art. 

Rafael Anton Irisarri and Leandro Fresco. Una Presencia En La Brisa is the new collaborative album between New York-based sound artist and producer Rafael Anton Irisarri and Argentinian artist Leandro Fresco. It is out on January 6th, 2020 via A Strangely Isolated Place and it follows 2017’s album La Equidistancia.

Wrekmeister Harmonies. Two years after Light Falls, Chicago-based collective Wrekmeister Harmonies (lead by musician and composer JR Robinson and Esther Shaw) have announced the release of a new album. We Love to Look at the Carnage is out on February 21st and it features Thor Harris (Swans) and Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu). It was recorded with Martin Bisi at BC Studios. “Coyotes of Central Park” is the first excerpt.

Collectress. Collectress is an all-female multi-instrumentalist chamber music collective based in and around London. Different Geographies is the new album which is out on March 6th, 2020 via Peeler Records. “Landing” is the first excerpt. According to the press release, it is a record named in response to the realities of collaboration.

Having scattered from their Brighton origins, the band looked for new opportunities to create across the separations of time, space and the vibrancies of life. Calendar-scattered stolen days took the place of weekly rehearsals. Collectress gatherings became more intense, the quartet drawn together across a widening map of overseas residencies, research projects from the Arctic to the Amazon, international tours with other groups, and motherhood.

Nazar. Nazar is a Angolan-born, Manchester-based producer. He announced the release of his first full-length. Guerilla is out on March 13th via Hyperdub Records. According to the press release, he coined the term Rough Kuduro on his Soundcloud page, as an interpretation of the Angolan music and dance style, ‘weaponising’ it on his first EP Enclave released in late 2018, translating the normally upbeat style to expose the uglier side of what he saw in Angola. “UN Sanctions” is the first excerpt.

Aquarama. Aquarama are the italian duo comprised of Dario Bracaloni and Guglielmo Torelli. Two years after debut full-lenght Riva, they announced the release of their sophomore album Teleskop which will be out this year via Fresh Yo! Label (ITA), Sand Music (FRA) e Pop Up Records (DE). “Moon Landing” is the first excerpt.

Submeet. Submeet are an Italian band which feature Zannunzio (Andrea Zanini), Andrea Guardabascio and Jacopo Rossi. They announced the release of the debut album Terminal which will be out on January 24th via Lady Sometimes Records. Title-track is the first excerpt which show heavy noisy lines with post-punk connections. Watch the official video below.

Sofie. Sofie is the project of Vienna-based musician, producer and singer-songwriter Sofie Fatouretchi, better known for his collaboration with MNDSGN – was a member of the original Boiler Room crew in Los Angeles, and her monthly show on NTS Radio. She will release a solo album in 2020 via Stones Throw. “99 Glimpses” is the first taste which shows her warm vocals and the psychedelic and dreamy vibes of the sound.

Blanco White is the solo project of London based musician and songwriter Josh Edwards. He studied guitar in Cádiz (Spain), and later the Andean instrument the charango in Sucre (Bolivia), and his sound together elements of Andalusian and Latin American music alongside the intimate songwriting. His first full-lenght will be out in 2020. “Papillon” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video below.

Okay Kaya. Okay Kaya is the pproject of Norwegian-American actress, model and musician Kaya Wilkins. Two years after her 2018’s debut album Both, she announced the release of a new full-length which will be out January 24th via Jagjaguwar. “Asexual Wellbeing” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video directed by herself and Adinah Dancyger.