We asked to different musicians, producers, bloggers, journalists, label owners to make a short list of their best albums of this year. This is the list curated by Esmeralda Vascellari, the boss of Italian label Lady Sometimes Records.

Whether you are a musician or you write about music on a blog, you run a label or you’re just a curious listener, the question is often the same: how to be involved in the music scene? Or how to even build a music scene? In times of algorithms, virtual playlists and quick 15 seconds promo stories, it’s somewhat hard to find a satisfying answer – I sense many times we just feel as strangers, both disconnected and powerless to really make a difference.

So when I’ve been asked to host a monthly night in an experimental new venue in Rome, I said YES. I thought of it mainly as an amusing game, but it soon became the best way I had to support some less known acts on stage, to create lasting bonds, to share ideas together and to get different audiences to meet each other. As David Byrne said: just put the band on a stage, no fixed rules, free entry gigs and you’re going to get the best DIY scene you’ve ever dreamed of. And it still does work!

That’s my common thread: the albums I chose are all made by bands I had the pleasure to host and know personally. They’re brilliant inspiring human beings as well as musicians, of course, and I’m grateful to have the chance to share their works. I find that each one of them has a unique and distinguishing feature on both record and stage, to reach and capture the attention of the listener in a very special way. Rock ‘n’ roll (of any genres and kinds) will never die!

Josin – In The Blank Space. A crystalline voice able to handle and harness the most delicate electro harmonies I’ve heard in a while. That’s how human perfection sounds like.

Jack Eden – Fades. Wistful soundscapes enlightened by iridescent colours, minimal electronics and echoing voices that will literally make you travel through parallel dimensions.

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – De Facto. A dream pop soul in a kraut body, a perfect blend with hints of post rock, shoegaze and velvet whispers.

Deflowered – Six Inner Landscapes. Rage and boredom found their escape route through pounding drum beats, disco synths and punk wave vocals. A dark ritual to dance in hell.

Feels – Post Earth. A dynamic and eclectic puzzle of garage, post-punk and noise, where sharp guitars and pop melodies fight side by side against prejudice and bad politics.