We asked to different musicians, producers, bloggers, journalists, label owners to make a short list of their best albums of this year. This is the list curated by Spanish producer Brunetto.

Alessandro Cortini – Volume Massimo (Mute Records). I think this Italian synth bender is a genius of our time. I really love his way of slowly elaborating beautiful but also bloody landscapes. Makes me feel alive and emotional at the same time. Connected with me very easily, a very inspiring album.

Plaid – Polymer (Warp). I’ve been listening and playing this British duo since, I don’t know, 1997 when they released “Not for Threes” maybe? They personalize pretty well perfection between electronica, ductile textures, IDM and Leftfield. Always surprising with unexpected twists and giving a conscience to machines. My ears are sponges absorbing “Polymer”.

Bjarki – Psychotic_Window (!K7). Really fabulous and intriguing at the same time album. Perfect thrilling electronic, atmospherically phrases for a perfect brainwashed, lazy beats and penetrating sounds for a sci-fi horror movie. I must be a cenobite or something like that, because I really enjoyed new Bjarki’s album.

Stenny – Upsurge (Ilian Tape). I’m digging so much the talent as a sonic-architect of this Turin-born artist. The atmospheres, textures, quick-twitted drum patterns, exquisite details… This album makes me float again and again and I don’t get tired of it!

Com Truise – Persuasion System (Ghostly International). The idyll that Seth Haley has with synthesizers seems fascinating to me. Once again, he’s managed to craft a solid album with this distinctive ’80s retro-futurist sound. Space-fun, Mid-tempo songs and great synth melodies… that’s the winning formula!

Honourable mention to: Trentemoller “Obverse” (In My Room), Max Cooper “Yearning for the Infinite” (Mesh), Jabru “Ill Conceived” (Purple City Soufflé), Takeleave – Inner Sea (Project: Mooncircle) and Brandt Brauer Frick “Echo” (Because Music).