We asked to different musicians, producers, bloggers, journalists, label owners to make a short list of their best albums of this year. This is the list curated by Berlin based composer and musician Paul Schröder aka Aparde.

Throwing Snow – The Death Of Pragmatism. I discovered Throwing Snow in 2017 and since then, his music has been inspiring me, quickly becoming a favourite. I love his offensive sound design and complex intelligent rhythms.

Dj Koze – Knock Knock (2018). To be honest, 2019 was the year that I listened to Dj Koze’s music consciously for the first time. It’s just so versatile and unique. In some way, I had a similar feeling when listening to Kollektiv Turmstraße „Rebellion der Träumer“ for the first time.

Rival Consoles – Persona (2018). Since hearing their first track, I fell in love with River Consoles’ expression and sound design. Honestly, I over- listened to it a little but his music will always be one of my greatest inspirations.

Apparat – Lp5. I was just excited and happy to listen to new music of Apparat’s solo project again. Indeed I have other favourites of his, but anyways it’s one of my tops this year.

Janus Rasmussen – Vín. It was quite interesting listening to Janus’ first solo project and discovering how much his producing style influences Kiasmos. His music became a new top this year.