We asked to different musicians, producers, bloggers, journalists, label owners to make a short list of their best albums of this year. This is the list curated by German producer Fejkà.

Tourist – Wild. It’s very hard to do positive and euphoric music without sounding too cheesy or commercial. Tourist manages to transfer positive energy with high production quality and refreshing sounds but still stays in the experimental electronic scene. Considering that he released his second album this year, I’m really impressed with the quality.

Ry X – Unfurl. As a big fan of soothing indie music, Ry X delivered the perfect chill out music for me once again. I can really lose myself listening to the pure and melancholic atmosphere, it’s the perfect contrast to electronic music for me.

HVOB – Rocco. HVOB is taking a more technoid approach to their musical universe and it simply sounds amazing. The songs are diverse, interesting and produced without any boundaries like short lengths to make them fit better for playlists. I really appreciate HVOB doing music that’s really from the heart, the combination of Anna’s soothing voice and the techno beats has definitely been a new experience for me.

Christian Löffler – Graal (Prologue). The expectations have been high after his last album „Mare” but Christian managed to transfer his style onto a new palette of refreshing sounds once again. Songs like „Ry“ and „Bird“ feel so amazing while listening, not only for the mood they create but also for their creativity in terms of production.

Rhye – Spirit. Try listening to this while laying in bed on a rainy day. Rhye proves that you don’t need much to create emotions. The album feels really light and refreshing, songs like „Malibu Nights“ really let my mind flow and I transport myself somewhere else.