Giant Swan – Giant Swan

Debut LP from the Bristol duo, known yet for their chaotic live performances. Techno language sounds like a whole new thing through the filters of noise and hardcore DIY punk attitude.

Oli XL – Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer Bloom

After the appearence on iconic PAN and Posh Isolation compilations (like the superb Mono No Aware), Stockholm producer Oli XL delivers his weird, dreary but delectable debut LP for his own label, Bloom.

Kinlaw & Franco Franco – Mezzi Umani Mezze Macchine

Derailed Hip Hop, industrial and dub in the first album of the duo, published by the new Bristol based “crew label” Avon Terror Corps.

Klein – Lifetime

South London musician Klein describe her release, out on her own label ijn inc., as “giving someone your diary”. The outcome is like the music on the end credits of a good movie, haunted by the ghosts of the characters who played the contrasts and the differencies of life.

Loraine James – For You And I

Engaged as the voice of a black queer woman raised in London at the time of Brexit, intimate and flawlessly included in the hardcore continuum definition, For You and I is the perfect Hyperdub debut.

Pufuleti – Tumbulata

Fresh lo fi beats which remind of Anticon releases and the super stylish and impenetrable delivery of Italian German Pufuleti.

Fausto Mercier – Fullscreen

Hungarian Roland Nagy aka Fausto Mercier opens a new immersive path, in a mix of alien textures and a masterpiece of ultra HD sound design. This is what the future sounds like. Fullscreen is published by Prague-based label Genot Centre.

100gecs – 1000 gecs

Dylan Brady and Laura Les act like butchers of pop music, making fun of it in a hysterical and abrasive way. 1000 gecs is their debut LP, published by Dog Show Records.

Ziur – ATØ

After the widely acclaimed debut ‘U Feel Anything?’, Berlin-based producer Ziur come back with a even more mature release. ATØ stands for THE ALLIANCE TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD, as a disruptive record to build a new solidarity.

Moor Mother – Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes

There’s no doubt that Moor Mother is one of the best artists of the decade. Noise is here again as a tool for the voices that are crushed in the sonic black hole of Trump’s USA indifference and violence.