Ambientologist is a new label dedicated to the psychological capabilities of music. Själ is the latest release from Amsterdam based label and it is an album composed by Stockholm based cellist Henrik Meierkord. According to the press release, Själ ties everything the Stockholm based cellist has been doing into a consolidated, coherent and above all magnificent work, filled with rich emotion and, in keeping with its namesake, beguiling soul. As one of the most expressive instruments at a composer’s disposal, Henrik allows the cello to do the talking. Slow and deeply stirring arcs, married with sweeter taps of piano, cello plucks and subtle electronics.

Above all, Själ is as elegant as it is grounded in immersive feeling and deep, resonant imagery. And in his own words: The soul communicating with the nervous system. It gives you thoughts and images in your inner mind. It can be memories or diffuse pictures. It takes you away from reality. A musical-tonal floating away of the mind.

Listen below.