We already introduced Dust & The Dukes, the Italian band which involve Gabriel Stanza (voice, trumpet), Enrico Giannini (guitar) and the drummer Alessio Giusti. Two years after debut EP and 2019’s “Run”, they’re back with a new track titled “Life In A Bottle“. Watch the official video and check out talk with them about the single, the upcoming debut album and more.

Let’s Start from your latest single “Life In A Bottle”. What can you say about the track and the video?

“Life In A Bottle” talks about modern times – that thin line between hope and the end of hope. Positive and negative coexist in one same place, they become reality. Side B of the single is a special live session, a unique experience for us. It was recorded “the old way” at Sam Studio with our producer Andrea Ciacchini, directly into a vinyl-disc. That means that you have only one microphone and the challenge is creating the sound in the room and vibrate. This is the reason why we decided to film that specific moment and make a video of it.

Artwork is stunning. How did you choose it?

We have followed the lyrics of the song «life in a bottle, where the land is up-side down». Once we had the concept, our good friend and long time collaborator Rebecca Lena got it together with a camera, a glass and her collection of old portraits.

Are you working on the first full-lenght which will be out in 2020, right? What can you say about it?

Actually we do have a full-length ready but we feel this is not the right time to release it yet. We feel that, by releasing singles, every song got properly heard and get the attention it deserves. We think we’ll continue with at least a couple of more singles and then draw a line and plan our next moves with all the nice people we’re working with. No rush at all.

Are you planning live dates? What is the best thing of live shows you like more compared to studio recordings?

We have our first European tour booked in March, around fifteen/twenty shows and we’re so excited about that. We will officially announce the full tour in a few weeks and we really can’t wait for it. Dust & The Dukes is a live band and our favorite place to be is the stage. Best thing of playing live for us is definitely the people, you can connect with them directly and it’s easier to drive them into our music.

Ritual question. What are the best releases you recently appreciated?

“Pony” by Orville Peck, it has it all, great songs, amazing voice and stunning atmospheres.