There is a place in which melody and space music meet and this place is a band from Austin (Texas) called Dallas Acid.  Passionate with German electronic (the 70’s krautrock) and ambient music, the trio started in 2009 with their first issue, Odeon. Being aware of the evocative power of their music, Linda Beecroft (voice), Christian Havings (synth) and Michael Gerner (synth) have been performing live in galleries, theaters, churches and composed movie soundtracks (ie Fall and Winter, 2013).

The Spiral Arm, out in November for All Saints Records, a label which includes Brian Eno and Harold Budd in its roster, represents a step forward for their research of the sound of the universe: “The Spiral Arm originally began as a live performance at the Scobee Planetarium in San Antonio – a soundtrack meant to accompany a visual journey through the cosmos”. Then they decided to give music the form of songs and so the album was born.

The main characteristic of the album is this enchanting encounter between Linda’s angelic voice and the interstellar layers of synths created by Christian and Michael. The main example is the title track, in which voice and synths reach a high dream-pop level. “Vacker”, with its swing of electronic tones recreates a Kraftwerkdreamy effect. “Silk Rain” is a delicate ambient tale in which Linda’s whispers lull the listener.

All the album is better to listen with eyes closed to appreciate best  Dallas Acid ability to create parallel universes. With a strong declaration of peace:its focus is pointed firmly back to the human experience on planet Earth: celebrating love and life, overcoming gut-wrenching tragedy, and coping with the increasingly bizarre, science-fiction reality we face as a species every day”. The Spiral Arm is a way to find comfort and shelter from the storm.