Kwaku Asante is a North West London singer-songwriter who takes inspiration from neo-soul, R&B and hip hop culture. Honeycomb is the 6-track debut EP. ” ‘honeycomb’ describes the process of going from a situation that was crumbling at the foundations, to dynamic, that is fulfilling and enabling you to navigate the nuances of life, which is sometimes hard for everyone” Kwaku details.

Each song is a story on its own, showing how life is made up of experiences and exchanges with people. These can mold how you approach a situation and how you project your love onto someone else once you’ve fully accepted yourself, which is a hard journey in itself. From a person not making you aware of her shortcomings and how it may affect the relations you’re trying to build in ‘AWOL’ to lust, fueled by intoxication in smoke & mirrors clouding your judgment whilst rushing to get over a past love & all of that being necessary and leading you to a bliss and joy-filled love in ‘The End’. All stages of this journey were necessary to enable me to feel how I felt when writing ‘honeycomb’”.

Listen below.