A few months after The Alchemy of Circumstance EP, London based producer DJ and producer¬†Midland¬†is back with a new track titled “Beyond This“. He explains: “Since the UK election result I have been thinking about ways that we can start to self organise and fundraise to support the charities and organisations that work with the people directly affected by austerity cuts and people at risk in our country and further afield. This track is something I made in 2017 for my FabricLive mix which never made it on there. I ended up putting it in my AVA Boiler Room by chance (in the car on the way to the set) and since then have had a bunch of messages about it. I never really knew what form to release it in but this felt like the perfect opportunity to raise some money and start taking action.

Proceeds from this will go to three charities. The Albert Kennedy Trust which works with LGBTQI+ teenagers who are Homeless, at risk or living in hostile environments (www.akt.org.uk). The Trussell Trust, who support food banks nationwide in the UK (www.trusselltrust.org). Help Refugees who distribute funds to Refugee Organisations on the frontline around the world (helprefugees.org).