Two years after Études No. 11, American cellist and composer Lori Goldston is back with a new solo album. Things Opening is out now via Second Editions. It was recorded by Mell Dettmer at the Chapel Performance Space and Studio Soli in Seattle, 2018, and was mastered by Anne Taegert at Duplates & Mastering in Berlin, 2019.

According to the press release, Lori Goldston’s approach to the violoncello is true and immediate. Describing herself as ‘classically trained and rigorously de-trained’, Goldston indeed defies all conformities of genre, style and technique. Her playing reflects as much of Baroque as it does of American roots or experimental traditions. It is elegant, gritty, restless, delicate, irreverent, utterly pure. This album comprises of two parts, highlighting Goldston as both a distinct composer as well as a many-faceted performer.

Listen below.