Hollow Ship is the project of Thomas E Frank (guitar/vocals) from Swedish psychedelic rock act Den Stora Vilan, Vincent Vensal (guitar/vocals), Johannes Cronquist (bass/vocals) of Swedish hard rock avt Vidunder, Lisa Kylsberg (witchery of sound) and Mårten Magnefors (drums/percussion) from the free jazz trio Dog Life. Debut album will be out in 2020.

We Were Kings” is the debut track which is out via PNKSLM and shows the psychedelic vibes of the sound and the “insidious” rhythms. It was mixed by Swedish producer Mattias Glavå (Dungen etc). “When we were in the studio, our producer, Daniel Johansson. suggested that we mix the drums the way you would for a hip hop act rather than a traditional rock record,” says frontman Thomas E. Frank. “Our drummer, Mårten Magnefors, is from a jazz background and was really into trying out dance-style playing in a rock setting. We follow ideas like that wherever they take us.”

Watch the official video below.