Una Presencia En La Brisa is the new collaborative album between New York-based sound artist and producer Rafael Anton Irisarri and Argentinian artist Leandro Fresco. It is out on January 6th, 2020 via A Strangely Isolated Place and it follows 2017’s album La Equidistancia. According to the press release, Approached in a similar manner to their 2017 album ‘La Equidistancia’, the two producers have once again combined remotely between Buenos Aires and New York to form an expansive story of long-distance friendship and human connection.

With Rafael taking the lead on engineering, culminating sketches, textures and isolated instruments, the warm, harmonic drones are once again apparent, albeit a lighter shine than their previous outing. With an emphasis on textures through voice manipulations, both Rafael’s and Leandro’s own personal stamp is interwoven throughout the six tracks, speaking to the close friendship that has developed between them both.

The album continues to explore this idea of human connection (in their case, thousands of miles away), our similarities, and how small everything really is in the grand scale of things. The pair speak about accidental connections in their hometowns, bringing to light a close bond despite never meeting in person. The remote situation ensured the music started without any predetermined concept yet installed a joyful and surprising experience each time a file was bounced back between them. This surprising and fluid process is evident through a myriad of instruments held in constant movement within the detail of the granular productions. Synths, effects units, pedals, the processing of their own vocals, pianos, guitars and a plethora of control voltage modulations represent the small details, the nodes of a relationship all coming together, amongst a greater, flowing mass of imperceptibility. 

Elevado Como Barrilete” is the first excerpt. Listen below.