Two years after Circuit Theory, Greek composer and producer Mikael Delta released a new full-length. Elation is out now via Inner Ear Records. According to the press release, Having devoted the last two years to the creation of this album, he shares a fine piece of contemporary electronic music, with new collaborations that bring together Greece, Germany and Poland. Listen below.

Michalis Paritsis is a young musician, making his debut collaboration in this album, adding strong analogue timbres and rhythmic patterns. Thessaloniki based Autow Nite Superstore (Thomas Ba) shares bottomless emotions with his vocals in the homonymous arpeggiated track “Elation”, while Katarzyna Kafel, from Berlin, prays in Polish in a special ambient-jazz track entitled “Art in the Sky”.
Through the sonic images of “Elation” the urban landscape converses with nature and the human existence encounters spirituality. Electronica, ambient and techno music canvases together with distorted sounds of classic piano, cello tenutes and heavenly vocals make up the fresh, powerful but also sensitive electronica sound of Mikael Delta.

Mikael writes in a statement about the album:
“My new album “Elation” pronounced “Eleison” doesn’t try to be anything else than what it is. Neither is it pioneering, nor is it a new proposition in today’s music scene. “Elation” is a comprehensive music sample of Electronic Music that includes Codes and “secret” Internal search keys through track titles and beyond. Anyone who wants to get involved can find references concerning mystical paths. Nobody knows exactly the stories behind every music album and that’s the magic of the personal experience.
All that a listener and a seeker can enjoy is to let go from the vibrations of such a musical experience. The title “Elation’ means, among other things, euphoria, highest happiness, revitalization, joy, rapture etc. It’s a play on the word “Mercy” and yes, for those who made jokes about the title already, this musical experience calls for Mercy from the Universal Intelligence and Goodness which we devalue everyday with our limited and inadequate mind, with the denial of truth, of Healing and of Evolution.
The 12 tracks of the album call for mercy through the sacredness of sounds, self-conscious emotions, of vision and awakened repentance, so that the Human Being, the Human Soul, can reconcile with the Divine Nature of things and to repair any damage the World has suffered by us until today.
A world lost in hostility, fear and stupidity.
My music is such a therapeutic Vibration.
And that’s the only way I’m interested in writing.”