One year after Odds And Ends, American Boston-based band Pile released a new album. Green and Gray is out now via Exploding In Sound. It features Elisabeth Fuchsia (viola and violin) and Jane Scarpantoni (cello). They shared a new video for the track “Firewood“. It was directed by Jess Price.

According to the press release, the song was one of the longest gestating tracks on Green and Gray taking frontman Rick Maguire over two years of working with the band to pull into shape. He describes it as being about both his relationship to working as a musician and his experience of aging, and it opens with one of the more striking lyrics in the band’s catalog, delivered over quiet guitar figures and lilting strings: “No longer burdened by youth/Not burning and open and raw like a wound.”

“The treatment for the video is ‘life of a storm chaser,’  Price explains. “I wanted to cover the process from early plotting stages to actual chasing. To capture the movement of someone who is often alone and content being so. Someone who works quietly and hard. I want to capture the mundanity of certain aspects of this life and also the more exciting, while keeping the pace balanced and even.

“I was fortunate enough to meet a man named David Gaede who has been chasing over 50 years and is currently active. He was kind and open enough to share his experience and contributed a lot of the chase footage seen in the video. I was pretty heavy handed with the Oklahoma landscape. The energy here seems complementary to Firewood, and really Green and Gray as a whole.

“The use of projection is meant to represent different realities we set ourselves in. The beginning sequence especially- I wanted to feel like half-sleep. Or accidentally falling asleep and being somewhat in control of your dreams.”

Watch it below.