Three years after Mare, German producer and Ki Records co-founder Christian Löffler returned with a new album titled Graal (Prologue). Now he announced the release of a new full-length. Lys will be out on March 4th, 2020 via Ki Records and according to the press release, it serves as a sequel and contrast to Graal, its predecessor.

Whereas the latter is the result of a six-month period spent largely on the road in between live shows, the former is a studio release in the truest sense, recorded and compiled in the serenity of Löffler’s home studio. While produced within four walls, Lys’ grounding comes from what lies beyond them – Graal, Müritz.

This isn’t the first time Löffler has drawn on his home surroundings for his art: the woodland refuge formed the basis for his 2012 album, A Forest. Lys, however, captures something even more fundamental in nature: light. “I realised that the light is different in the north of Germany, and this became an overall theme for the album,” Löffler explains.

Before I had Mare, and Forest, and now it’s become light,” hence the album’s title, meaning “light” in Danish. Whereas on previous album Löffler used his voice as a tool or instrument, heavily altered and unrecognizable most of the time, for Lys he puts them front and centre in order to capture his innermost feelings with actual words rather than only moods.

The album also features the vocals of the young Swedish singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist Menke, and Mohna, a staple on his recent tours. “She’s part of my musical world and so I wanted to have her on the album,” Löffler explains.

Today he shared the official video for the track “Versailles (Hold)“. He was directed by Fredrik Altinell. Watch it below and check the tour dates.

Tour dates:

Dec 30 :: Epizode Festival, Phu Quoc (VN)
Dec 31 :: Boiler Room, Shenzhen (CN)
Jan 11 :: Vent, Tokyo (JP)
Jan 24 :: Mono Hall, Tiblisi (GE)
Jan 25 :: Rambalkoshe, Yerevan (AL)
Feb 01 :: Helgas Stadtpalast, Rostock (DE)
Mar 06 :: Sonar Festival, Istanbul (TR)
Apr 18 :: Roxy, Praha (CZ)
Apr 19 :: Conne Island, Leipzig (DE)
Apr 20 :: Härterei, Zurich (CH)
Apr 21 :: Im Wizemann, Stuttgart (DE)
Apr 22 :: Muffathalle, Munich (DE)
Apr 24 :: Feuerwache, Mannheim (DE)
Apr 25 :: Carlswerk, Cologne (DE)
Apr 26 :: FZW, Dortmund (DE)
Apr 27 :: Schlachthof, Wiesbaden (DE)
Apr 28 :: Tama, Poznan (PL)
Apr 29 :: Palladium, Warsaw (PL)
Apr 30 :: Columbiahalle, Berlin (DE)
May 15 :: Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg (DE)
May 16 :: Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)

Check also the track via Bandcamp.